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AIP Central Coming Soon

AI Partnerships is launching AIP Central, a platform that will act as a central hub for all of its Affiliates.

AIP Central Features


With over 50 companies in the network, AIP believes this platform will foster a collaborative environment where our Affiliates can help each other on projects, sell their services to the network, and lend expertise to the network. This will lead to many opportunties that centers around one theme - a network of companies with AI-enabled solutions working together to help enterprises adopt advanced technology.



In order for the network to operate efficiently, AIP believes that a central system of communication is key. AIP Central has communication features where Affiliates can upload content, comment on Affiliates posts, and receive updates from AI Partnerships Corp.

Access to training and resources

We will establish relationships with strategic partners that will help the network get easier access to training and solutions that evolve their business. This ranges from curriculum to cloud offerings that enable our Affiliates to better serve their clients.