Grow your AI business with a community of like-minded individuals 

Here's a look at what we are building

Marketing and sales

Lead generation and incremental sales as a result of the aggressive AI Partnerships marketing program.

Help your existing client base

AIP offers services to provide AI-enabled solutions to your new and existing clients.

Certified expertise

AIP’s AI experienced staff is certified on the AI offerings of AI cloud-services providers such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Google and can provide the offerings at a significant margin for our Affiliates.

Data science and strategy resources

Access to templates, proposal library, pre-built models, drag-and-drop tools, technical quality assurance, standards, methods, audit of proposals, ethics review of projects, and execution management.

AI focused vertical market products

Access to AI focused vertical market products (e.g. financial, manufacturing) and proprietary AI plug-ins for well known software packages in various sectors.

Talent sourcing

Assistance in hiring staff - AI sales, development, installation, and support.


Scale with access to tools that will cut costs and enhance the quality of projects delivered to clients.


We are looking for collaborative, long term thinking partners in AI.

With over 50 companies in the AIP Affiliate network, the opportunities for our Affiliates are boundless. From collaborating on projects to exchanging services, the Affiliate network is an ecosystem working together to help enterprises adopt AI- enabled solutions.