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The Ultimate Catalog of AI Products and Services

Our Affiliate network has a wide breadth of technology covering many industries, sectors, and core business functions.


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Product Engineering

Demand Forecasting

Chip Yield and Throughput

Image Recognition

Defect Detection

Quality Inspection

HVAC Maintenance

Manufacturing Insights

Asset Management

Health and Safety



BOM Planning

Hazard and Risk Management

Lidar Systems



5G and Telemedicine Tech

Big Data Analytics

Smart City Connectivity



Fund Sales and Retention

Process Optimization

Collateral Optimization

Custom Built Fintech Solutions

Data Extraction

Revenue Integrity

Risk and Compliance

Credit Assessment

Investment Strategies

Financial Reporting

Smart Contracts

Social Investing

Financial Reporting

Predictive Analytics

AUG Growth 

Fraud Dectection



Physician Assistance

Speech and Image Analysis

Smart Peer Research

Health Intelligence

Chronic Care

Automated Scheduling

Digital Transformation

Mental Health Analytics

Disease Detection

Risk Management



Customer Acquistion

Customer Retention

Customer Experience

Decision Intelligence

Product Promotions

Search Engines

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Geospacial Analytics

Customer Journey Mapping

Conversational Insights

Sales & Martech


Video Transcripting

Cognitve AI Marketing

Smart CRM/CX

Sales Insights and Analytics

Personalized Videos at Scale

Research and Writing

Journalism Datasets

Conversion Tracking

Investment Strategies

Influencer Marketing



Workflow Automation


Fractional AI Teams

Virtual Training

Security and Privacy

Security Privacy.jpeg

Cyber Exploitations

Risk and Threat Detection

PII Redaction

Data Governance

AI Consulting Services


Custom Built Solutions

Unique Business problems or needs

Strategy and Leadership

Business Process Management

Custom Machine Learning 

Knowledge Discovery

AI-Simulation Systems

Process Engineering 

AI Mobile Deployment

Big Data Analytics

Labeling and Annotation

Decision Support Systems

Computer Vision Technology

Predictive Analytics

AR / VR / 3D Applications

Dev Tools

Dev Tools.jpeg

MLOps Platforms

DevOps Platforms

Synthetic Data

Source AI / ML / NLP Models

Annotation Automation

NLP Toolkits

Knowledge Exchange

Training Data 

Cloud Services

Cloud Services.jpeg

ML Cloud Computing

Private Cloud

Performance Computing

AI Cloud Solutions

ERP as a Service

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