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AI Writers–How Digital Content is Changing with the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Artificial intelligence offers the ability to automate processes like content writing. Learn how AI writers are the next biggest tool in the AI landscape.

Most humans create and consume a significant amount of written text daily; this is particularly true for individuals who work in communications and marketing. These professions rely heavily on powerful written content—whether on social media, their website, or in direct mailers—to educate customers, drive leads, and move the needle forward for businesses.

Naturally, this work also takes a lot of time. And since “content is king” in today’s marketing landscapes, savvy business owners are searching for ways to make the content more impactful, while completing it quicker. This leads them to a new, innovative solution: AI writers.

What is an AI writer?

An AI writer is a type of software application or platform that generates written content based on research-backed algorithms. These platforms use predictive analytics to create new text based on popular keywords, internet search results, and known queries. All tasks usually done manually or using SaaS tools—now completed by one software.

In practical application, an AI writer might be used to produce website content, blog posts, advertising copy, and more. While the basic framework of this technology was originally used in educational settings, the service has expanded to meet a global demand for authentic and engaging written content.

What can you use an AI writer for?

AI writers are helpful for accomplishing tasks related to digital and content marketing. These tools are also useful for professionals who want to support their manual writing skills with automated research and data.

Many businesses turn to AI writers for support with tasks such as:

  • Blog writing

  • Research-based outlining

  • Finding unbiased angles

  • Checking for plagiarism

  • Building content around popular keywords

While an AI writer may not be able to perceive the nuances, tone, and colloquialisms of a human writer, these tools can launch new content initiatives quickly and with proven information. In fact, content personalization and predictive analytics are heavily used in the B2B marketing arena.

AI writers versus AI content generators

Occasionally, you may hear distinctions between AI writers and AI content generators. Although there are subtle differences between these two options, many platforms offer similar features. Both AI writers and content generators are capable of producing automatic, grammatically correct content based on a chosen keyword or topic.

Depending on which company or platform you choose, you may discover expanded or advanced features that exceed the most basic AI writers.

Advantages of AI writers

In general, artificial intelligence provides numerous benefits to industries and people that rely on strong communication skills in order to sell products or provide services.

According to research by Adobe, 47% of digitally mature organizations have an AI strategy. It’s predicted that over time, many more of these organizations will begin to leverage the benefits of AI writers including the following.

Time savings

AI writers have the potential to save significant amounts of time, since they generate content on demand. The manual process of writing is replaced with sensible, automated content.

In terms of potential time savings, one of the greatest advantages of using an AI writer is the research step. Many AI content engines can automatically scour the internet about complex topics in order to locate the best tidbits, facts, and data points. Without an AI platform, a professional writer may have to spend hours researching this information manually.

Content creation

In the internet age, there is an ever-increasing hunger for excellent content. From blog posts, to eBooks, to social media captions and more, we consume a nearly endless stream of content meant to capture our attention. When it comes to content production, there is often more demand than there are skilled writers to handle it.

An AI writer can provide a content boost to organizations looking to quickly establish their content foundation. Plus, since AI-facilitated writing is composed without bias or personal opinion, it can be far more neutral and comprehensive, depending on the chosen topic.

Potential cost savings

Working with a team of writers or marketing experts can be a serious investment. Although human skill and intuition is always valuable, AI writers can bridge the gap until a business can afford to hire a full staff. Most AI writer platforms have tiered pricing structures in order to suit the unique needs and budget of different companies.

Smart features

In addition to simple content creation, many AI writers and content generators also provide additional functionalities. These tools include editing features, plagiarism checks, formula-based copy, and rewrite tools that recreate old content. Powerful features are designed to make the user experience richer and more intuitive.

AI writers are on the rise for startups and small businesses, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best fit for every business; different businesses have different AI needs.

Is an AI writer the best choice for your business?

Despite the fact that AI writers are powerful tools, they may not be for every individual or every business. Moreover, it may be beneficial to incorporate AI writers into an overarching strategy that involves both machine learning and human skill into the thought processes.

If you’re considering an AI writer for your business, ask yourself the following questions before committing:

  • Am I comfortable publishing AI-produced content behind my personal name or professional brand?

  • Do I have a person or team in place that can effectively proof the AI-generated content or provide corrections where needed?

  • Is my company looking for a way to scale content efforts quickly, without onboarding additional staff members or spending significant money?

  • Is the kind of content we want to produce in line with what an AI writer can provide?

  • Does our organization have a timeline for using the AI writer, or is there a phased approach to using different types of content creation?

Discussing these questions with stakeholders and colleagues can help you decide if an AI writer strategy is the most appropriate given the current timing, budget constraints, and content requirements at your organization.

Potential disadvantages

Along with the benefits, there are a few downsides to be aware of when working with AI writers. While most of these are commonplace for any AI or machine learning tool, consider how these points may affect your broader content strategy:

  • Some AI writers could miss the unique tone of voice of a particular business or brand messaging.

  • On occasion, AI writers can produce strange or silly mistakes that expose the writing as automatically generated.

  • You may sacrifice a level of originality and creativity for the sake of speed and performance.

  • First generation and newly developed tools may provide lackluster user experience and require several software updates in order to be fully functional.

  • Investing in content machines, rather than in personnel, may result in a lack of “buy in” from team members who could potentially provide value to your business efforts.

Top AI writer software recommendations

Even though it’s fairly new technology, there are no shortage of AI writer software options on the market. Here are a few recommendations based on popularity, user friendliness, cost, and functionality.

  • AI Writer AI Writer is built on the promise of producing terrific content in as little as two minutes. The platform uses headlines and keywords to produce fully constructed articles from scratch. AI Writer also allows users to check for accuracy, verify the information presented, and analyze potential SEO performance.

  • Writesonic Writesonic is an AI writer option specifically targeted to marketing professionals. The company is built on the premise of beating writer’s block through effective and targeted ad copy, product descriptions, and landing pages.

  • WordAI WordAI is a unique type of AI writer, as it focuses on rewriting and optimizing existing content for greater efficiency. This intuitive platform is able to improve sentence structure, enrich existing text, and remove duplicate content.

Key takeaways

AI writers, along with other types of artificial intelligence platforms, are part of the new and modern business marketplace. AI tools, predictive analytics, and smart marketing methods are fueling how people around the world connect, learn, and discover new information.

While all AI processes have advantages and disadvantages to consider, implementing smart platforms allows companies to invest in the future while maintaining a competitive edge. Investing in AI software now has the potential to produce numerous returns in the future, as more customers and organizations embrace the possibilities of a world with AI.

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can improve your business or marketing strategies, reach out to us today to get connected to the perfect AI company for your needs.

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