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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Accure Inc.

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Accure Inc., to its AI Network.

Accure Inc. helps data driven companies to connect to all data sources, build big data analytics based on machine learning, and utilizes statistical science to ensure their customers get actionable insights. Theyʻre an AI automation company that has developed their own software platform called Momentum that automates phases of AI development. Momentum is ISO-9001 certified for quality and software development process.

Accure connects people and technologies to prototype, build, deploy, and scale enterprise AI. Their professional services help connect all of the pieces together to build sustainable solutions for their customers, so they can focus on deriving the real value from AI implementation. So you might be wondering, how does their Momentum software platform accelerate AI powered automation? We break down the four main components of Momentum below:

1. Momentum Connect - Highly scalable ETL and data exchange platform

  • Connect to a wide variety of data sources and formats, including structured and unstructured data, text, images, and scanned documents.

2. Momentum AI - ML, AI, Computer Vision, and NLP platform

  • Automate model training, management and deployment with no coding AI and ML platform.

3. Momentum Automate - Business process automation platform

  • Deploy ML models easily to automate complex business processes.

4. Momentum Insight - Visualization and BI Engine

  • Using a web based visualization engine, display AI outcomes, monitor and track KPIs on secure dashboards.

  • Verification and Validation (VNV) workflow engine for exception handling and model feedback for continuous improvement.

AIP is ecstatic to be working with Accure to help SMEs connect to all of their data sources, build big data analytics with the power of machine learning, and utilize statistical science to gain a competitive edge over their competition. With advancements in technology, it is crucial for enterprises to adopt artificial intelligence now before it is too late. Accure can accelerate businesses into the future with their advanced AI Momentum platform.

Sign up to start a free trial with Accure by clicking here.

- AIP Team

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