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AIP Affiliate Spotlight

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes, to its AI Network. is a people analytics platform based out of Toronto, Canada that connects talent to opportunity through real company challenges. Candidates receive a soft skills profile and role recommendations based on industry and company-fit, and employers receive a shortlist of top talent after creating personalized benchmarks that objectively measure success for their team. They are helping employers discover their best-fit talent the first time, while nudging candidates to different career opportunities. Their vision is to create powerful models that consume, understand, and process people's data from a variety of different sources to power the skills database for the future of work. has helped hundreds of brands hire and develop top talent from across the globe. In fact, in total they have helped create over 1,000+ jobs, provide 25,000+ profiles, and have collected 20M+ data points since their existence. They blend AI with a sophisticated human approach to help companies hire the best talent the world has to offer. Delivered as a service, ensures efficiency, reduces bias, and optimizes for the right hire. By using staff augmentation they can deploy innovation pods from talent resources around the globe to deliver projects. Itʻs fast & reliable, so their clients can innovate like a startup.

The 3 main ways helps teams grow and scale quickly are listed below:

1. Hiring - Use the power of AI and science to find the right talent for every job.

2. Benchmarking - Measure skills correlated to company performance data.

3. People Analytics - Capture team people analytics in real-time inside Slack & Teams.

AIP is thrilled to be working with to change the way SMEs hire top talent with the help of AI. By identifying the most promising target talent and understanding their behaviors better, nugget.aiʻs clients are winning more than ever before. It's time to hop on the complete people stack from that is powered by AI and backed by science to hire, understand, and train top talent from across the globe.

Ready to get in touch with the team? Click here.

- AIP Team

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