Our Mission

To help enterprises adopt AI technology by leveraging the expertise and offerings of our Affiliate AI Network.

To help enterprises adopt AI-enabled solutions by leveraging the expertise and offerings of our Affiliate




SMEs typically do not have the resources or skills to implement AI-enabled solutions leaving them at a competitive and cost disadvantage to their larger competitors. The solution integrators that typically serve SME’s, do not have the resources and expertise to address the AI opportunities at their SME clients.

Companies are challenged to allocate resources towards AI because of the cost of entry, causing them to be hesitant when considering significant investments in AI.

Companies struggle attracting talent to manage AI systems internally. Costs associated with training and implementing new talent is considered too high in short-term.

Most SMEs must have their data reorganized to begin the AI process. This can be seen as overwhelming and dissuades management from looking towards implementing AI.

Company leadership must have a clear understanding of AI technology in order to agree to invest in AI solutions and often the lack of understanding of AI causes leadership to limit the socialization of AI adoption.

AI’s lack of commercialization is due to its inability to be explained to businesses clearly and concisely.

AIP Affiliate Model

The AIP Affiliate model allows solutions integrators to more readily and cost-effectively enter the AI market in order to serve their SME clients. AIP facilitates this opportunity by providing Affiliates:

Resources - access to resources on a pay-per-use basis eliminating significant up-front fixed costs and allowing their clients to access the same AI capabilities as their larger competitors.

Data - ability to allow SMEs to scale anywhere, at whatever speeds, with remotely hosted operations.

Leadership - provide the expertise, tools, access to AI talent, and resources to support the implementation of AI.

Talent - eliminates the need for the SMEs to hire AI software engineers, as the Affiliates have access to the resources that allow SMEs to outsource AI in a matter or weeks rather than years.

Commercialization - focus on supporting SME clients and assist the SMEs in determining the ROI from implementing AI-enabled solutions.



AIP has established a world-wide network of Affiliates that use the resources and expertise of AIP to allow them to cost-effectively implement AI-enabled solutions for their clients.



AIP strives to assist SME’s in navigating AI technologies. AIP and our Affiliates are your trusted partners in implementing the AI- enabled solutions that best serve your needs.

We have the experience and resources to meet your AI needs.

Through our Affiliate network, we can provide a wide range of AI-enabled solutions.

Our relationships with AI platform and solutions integrators provide us with a range of cost-effective solutions that others cannot compete with.

We work closely with our Affiliates to provide the best customer experience one can find.

Our Affiliate network provides a network of sector experience that is second to none.

We understand how fast markets change. That’s why we keep our clients informed with developments in the AI Industry.

Access to AIP experts who are certified on all major AI platforms.