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How can AI Partnerships and our Affiliate Network help you?

AI Partnerships will help you get started. Our Network will finish the job. 

Emerging Technology has its challenges

Challenging to Adopt

Incredibly smart people are leveraging AI to create the next wave of business products and services. However, implementing new technology can be challenging.

Significant Development Costs

Our Affiliate network provides solutions that are already in use and are proven to help in the adoption of AI, at a lower cost and risk than developing and implementing new and unproven AI solutions.

Must be Data Ready

If you are still running on legacy systems and have disparate data, it will be challenging for you to leverage AI. We have partnered with data companies to get you ready.

We will dig deep into your business needs, problem, or idea. This is a must if you want to leverage AI successfully. 

AI is not a technical band aid. Its a path or direction that a company can take that will become a core function of the product, service, or company. For successful AI implementation, company leadership must be involved to understand how AI will play a role in their ecosystem. AI initiatives must come from the top. AI Partnerships will meet with your leadership, decision makers, and technical teams to understand your business and see where it can be utilized. 

How it works:

We will help you source the best fit Affiliate for your needs. With 120+ AI firms in the Affiliate network, we are confident that there is a product or service for you. We act as a support vehicle and we facilitate bringing the resources of our AI affiliate companies to meet your needs. We can introduce several of our Affiliates to you and help you understand your options. 

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Have a discovery call with us

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We will find the best fit AI Affiliate for you sourced directly from our Network

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The best Affiliate to meet your needs will connect with you

It is as simple as that. 

I am ready to incorporate AI into my business

Schedule a discovery call with AI Partnerships

Its Free!

not ready for ai?

We understand. Emerging technology is not a silver bullet. We are here whenever you are ready. In the meantime, checkout our blog to learn more.

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