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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Talos IoT

AI Partnerships Corp welcomes Talos to its AI Network.

Talos has the most advanced dataset for machine learning and AI for HVAC Systems

Leading the industry in HVAC Robotic Automation with integrated monitoring; a closed feedback loop that automatically follows through on every step of the repair process. When a problem is found, the wireless Talos Sensors create a work order. Once the alert message is approved, Talos dispatches a (pre-approved) repair service and supplies the unit diagnosis, part number, and location. Talos verifies that the unit is fixed, automatically closes the work order, and sends the invoice to accounting. Talos offers control, accountability, and an uninterrupted tenant experience while saving time and energy.

Below is a breakdown of clients they support and featured solutions delivered by Talos:

1. Who They Help

  • Commercial HVAC Contractors

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Residential/Smart Homes

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow - make it work like it was supposed to

2. How They Help

  • Maintenance and Repair is Broken they Fix It -

  • Permanently and save money!

AIP is excited to work in tandem with Talos to help deliver Talos' mission to help stakeholders of HVAC systems to reduce operational maintenance expense, predict HVAC failure and prepare for unplanned outages.

Drop the Talos Team a query today by clicking here.

- AIP Team

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