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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Greeter

AI Partnerships Corp. is thrilled to add Gradient Ascent AI’s product called Greeter AI to its arsenal.

Greeter is a fast, easy-to-deploy solution that uses state-of-the-art AI computer vision to keep workers out of harm’s way. It delivers immediate, measurable, and impactful health & safety improvements across a number of industries. Greeter is an iOS app proudly developed by Gradient Ascent AI. Greeter has a proven track record with multi-year success in healthcare, energy, industrial, manufacturing, and mining.

Customers love Greeter because it helps by:

1. Building Zero-Injury Workplaces - Greeter reminds workers when they’re not wearing PPE. By delivering a 50% increase in PPE compliance, Greeter is keeping workers out of harm’s way in power generation, mining, and other industrial facilities.

2. Automating Healthcare & COVID Compliance - Greeter is a compliant COVID screening solution that can be deployed in any workplace. For example, with Greeter, many hospitals have freed up scarce human resources (and saved millions in costs) to deliver frontline care.

3. Delivering Tailored Health & Safety Solutions - For workers working at heights on loading rail cars or driving vehicles, the Greeter platform can deliver customized solutions to meet the needs of the business looking to improve performance, increase compliance, reduce costs, and reduce risks.

Greeter is just getting started with potential applications in operational improvements and monitoring, health & safety, as well as employee productivity.

Greeter is excited to be part of AIP, and are looking for more partners to further integrate, enhance, and expand capabilities.

Learn more about Greeter at by clicking here.

- AIP Team

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