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Ready To Start AI? Find Your Force Multiplier First.

Most companies want to start adopting AI, but don’t know where that happens. For Cadre AI, it’s your force multiplier.

Let’s be honest: emerging technology, a general term for new technology that has yet to reach its “peak,” is a popular topic for online conversations of all kinds. And while Oracle may report that 80% of companies use at least one emerging technology, the effectiveness of that use hasn’t been proven.

Many hurdles stand in a company’s way on the path to adopting an emerging technology, most of which start and end with their culture. Innovation culture demands flexibility and patience, which isn’t something all companies uphold.

Furthermore, many companies look at AI as a technical solution, band-aid, or quick fix to a complex problem. A side project that eventually dies in R&D purgatory. But AI isn’t a silver bullet — nothing ever is.

That leaves us where any good strategic investment starts: Setting goals.

It’s time to start thinking about AI

The best time to start thinking about AI as a critical strategic investment for your company was yesterday. Since you’re here today, though, start setting clear and measurable results now.

From a strategic perspective, AI needs to…

  • Be discussed with all core business stakeholders. All hands on deck.

  • Be made into a core part of your 5-year strategy. Whether it’s in your strategy or not, AI will transform your product, service, or business function over the next five years.

  • Be shared broadly and openly across the company. Creating an ecosystem of innovation isn’t easy, but it’s powerful when fully embodied. Leadership paves the way for your business’s cultural norms

When you involve everyone in the process of adopting AI into the company, no one will feel blindsided by its arrival. And with everyone’s ideas floating around, you might find a real opportunity to implement AI somewhere you didn’t think of.

Start with your Force Multiplier

Adopting AI into your company’s technological backbone isn’t just a long-term strategy; it’s a company-long strategy for most. In order to find which area AI will make the largest impact on your business, consider reverse-engineering the traditional brainstorming process.

The force multiplier

Instead of approaching AI as a tool to solve a problem for your business, consider AI as a tool to extend the impact your company is already making.

Craig Ganssle, military veteran and CEO of an AI company, Cadre AI and agriculture AI product, Farmwave, says the force multiplier, “can be thought of as adding value to the solution of a problem you're solving for, then causing a downstream value-add.”

The force multiplier is best compared to compound interest — except your additional interest wouldn’t be bills, but your business’s impact.

Force multiplier in action

“Let's take manufacturing, or processing, as an example,” Ganssle says. “Because of the pandemic, poultry processing has suffered a significant increase in a visual abnormality in the muscle condition of chicken known as woody breast. In 2021, it affected 95+% of all grocery stores in the United States.”

This problem went solved by, you guessed it, AI. Using AI-assisted cameras and mechanical arms, the factory lines were able to separate woody breast chicken breasts from normal chicken breasts with incredible accuracy.

“The value here is that this meat is then downgraded and sold at a different price-point, but furthermore, [it] maintains the value of the higher grade meat where woody breast is not present.

Initially, we solved one problem, but artificial intelligence added value along the way. This is what I refer to as the force multiplier effect.”

Is your force multiplier next?

While there are many ways to implement AI, not every company interested in adopting it is ready to. Whether they haven’t fully considered AI’s role within their company or they just simply don’t have existing foundations to support AI adoption, with AI, don’t go in blind.

Remember: AI isn’t a quick fix solution or silver bullet; it’s a lifelong business strategy.

“The force multiplier effect is not guaranteed. It will not necessarily just happen when solving problems using AI.”

While there are many ways to implement AI, not every buyer audits itself in terms of where tech can be best applied. With AI, its a must and a great first step is identifying your force multiplier.

Schedule that meeting with your team, introduce this concept, and figure it out.

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