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AIP Affiliate Spotlight

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes to its AI Network. is a cloud-based artificial intelligence service based out of New York, that can instantly and accurately extract text, photos, and signatures from all types of documents. These types of documents include IDs, driver's licenses, passports, invoices, and hundreds of other documents worldwide! In a matter of seconds, can automate document processing and avoid costly alternatives so companies can focus on their projects and customers.

Automate data extraction with’s API and UiPath RPA components. They have scalable cloud solutions that are flexible to work with any document type imaginable. Clients can easily automate existing business processes with a single API call. Their cutting-edge artificial intelligence is designed to pick up manual data entry work. By being able to process all types of documents on one single platform, will save time, increase productivity, and drive down costs.’s AI service can scale infinitely in the cloud. No hardware or templates are needed. Here’s why:

  1. Accurate:’s revolutionary AI provides accuracy in image recognition and data extraction. Their API provides an individual confidence score for each identified object and extracted field.

  2. Secure: is SOC 2 Compliant. This means that they meet bank-level security standards. Their API never stores clients' data to prevent potential data breaches from happening. All API traffic must be authenticated and encrypted over HTTPS.

  3. Fast: Integrate with their real-time image recognition and data extraction APIs into clients' products with just a single line of code. The average processing time is under one second for the majority of scenarios.

AIP is excited to be working with to automate document processing and avoid costly alternatives so SMEs can focus on their projects and customers. They provide free demos of their product for potential clients to try out for themselves to see if’s solutions are a fit. Their AI can scale infinitely in the cloud, which means no hardware or templates are needed to get started.

Experience the power of by trying out their data extraction and face recognition demos here.

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