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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Cerebri AI

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Cerebri AI Inc., to its AI Network.

Cerebri AI is a venture-backed pioneer in artificial intelligence and machine learning based out of Austin and Toronto with 30 employees. Cerebri AI’s core product offering is Answers-as-a-Service for CX and other Mission Critical Time-Series.

In business time is everything – time-series datasets dominate our decision priorities – customer journeys, employee journeys, even patient journeys and many supply chain related issues, etc.

Cerebri AI uses its powerful CVX 3 real-time AI software platform to provide you with the right decisions and actions to be taken at the right time and in the right channel.

CX KPIs – customer churn, retention, up-selling, cross-selling all require decisions and actions to be scored with the time of month, week, day being a critical component in determining decisions and actions to be taken to maximize each KPI. The same applies to employee issues like who is going to leave the company the next 30/60/90 days, etc.

The Cerebri AI CVX 3 AI platform features an easy-to-use low-code data engineering front-end that can take in all manner of IoT, IT and web data and can update time-series ( e.g. customer journeys ) in real-time including difficult engineered features which must be recalculated on the fly as raw data changes. What this means is best-in-class decisions using up-to-the-second changes in predictive data coupled with core propensity, affinity, engagement and action models battle-tested over dozens of use cases with global brands.

Think of CVX Answers-as-a-Service as bringing the stock market’s sense of urgency in absolutely requiring up-to-the-millisecond changes in stock price data when making buy/sell decisions. You would never use day-old data to make stock purchase decisions, you no longer have to tolerate this for decisions and actions required for customers, employees, patients, etc.

Important key features in the CVX solution we use to generate Answers-as-a-Service:

CVX Steam Engine: Low-code data engineering editor and engine processing IoT, IT and streaming data in real-time with full QA. Data transformations include determining engineered feature values in real-time. This generates one time-series (customer journey), no matter how many different KPIs or action models are required to run the business.

CVX AI Pipeline: End-to-end real-time software pipeline data to models to operations research based optimization of P&L parameters.

CVX AI Models: World-class propensity, affinity, engagement and action model technology developed over dozens of use cases with global brands. Answers-as-a-Service using CVX technology driving best-in-class decisions with the fastest turn-around time to answers (TTA).

Cerebri AI offers AI-based customer experience (CX) software that enables global brands to market, sell and support customers at scale. CVX 3 is a full-cycle CX platform that helps measure customer engagement (CE) and use the resulting proprietary CE metrics such as Cerebri Values to help measure and drive financial success KPIs like acquiring new customers, up-selling, cross-selling, and reducing churn.

Listed below are the 5 main stages of the CVX 3 platform:

  1. Input - Data ingestion is straightforward I. Leverage the pre-built source transformers for streaming, batch, incremental load.

  2. Transform - Data must be cleaned, aggregated, engineered features must be derived and transformed within the context of the business.

  3. Create - A single integrated view of the customer journey (customer events, factors, demographics, and other external elements) is key to creating a unique up-to-the-second view of customers.

  4. Model - Modeling uses mathematical algorithms trained using data and subject matter expertise input to detect the patterns in people, products, services, time, location, and actions.

  5. Adjudicate - Constrained optimizations to maximize business effect require real-time adjudication.

AIP is thrilled to be working with Cerebri AI to help enterprises measure their customer success to increase their ROI. The Cerebri AI team is full of innovators, thinkers, engineers, scientists, economists, and challengers of the status quo who love what they do. The team and their product CVX 3 is all about producing results - the best results that drive customer engagement and top-line revenues.

Interested in learning more? Contact the Cerebri AI team here.

- AIP Team

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