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AIP Affiliate Spotlight DigitalDots

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes DigitalDots, to its AI Network.

DigitalDots is a software development company based out of Toronto, Canada. DigitalDots empowers enterprises with Digital Strategy and Transformation Technologies. They have created a digital platform (“bēvər - Digital Studio”) that assists the evolution of intuitive enterprises using artificial intelligence & IoT. Their non-intrusive platform operates independently of enterprise systems that bring together businesses, technology, and people empowered to move quickly in the emerging technology landscape.

“Digital Studio” offers Business agility for enterprises by orchestrating end-to-end digital processes enriched with actionable insights delivered by personas. Their main capabilities enable enterprises to innovate and accelerate cloud-agnostic dynamic digital solution lifecycle. Their platform allows enterprises to build and manage applications with connectivity to their enterprise and device ecosystems.

Platform-centric mindset, engineering culture, and agile development practices are what sets DigitalDots apart from the rest of the pack. They believe in being essential to their client's success by focusing on innovation that delivers immediate value. That's why AIP is ecstatic to have DigitalDots join our AI Network!

Get in touch with DigitalDots today to start your digital transformation journey powered by their dynamic enterprise platform and services by clicking here.

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