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AIP Affiliate Spotlight FactR

Updated: Jan 26

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes FactR, to its AI Network.

FactR is a software development company headquartered in Ontario, Canada with decades of experience in solutions through leadership, ideation, design and delivery. They pride themselves in their unique approaches, web apps, and secure digital products in markets around the globe. FactR partners with their clients to help them grow along their transformation journey.

Each step in their design, development, and delivery process is managed by their internal team with a collaborative framework. FactR’s process steps are intelligent and defined to keep their clients’ strategies and timelines in mind. Choosing the wrong development partner can turn a business’s vision into a nightmare, but when finding the right technical solutions partner such as FactR is critical to an enterprises’ success.

Software has changed drastically over the years, throwing never-ending challenges to enterprises every step of the way. FactR partners with enterprises to help them develop custom web applications to solve complex data and business problems. Not only do they help on the technology side, but they also help improve internal trust, add more transparency from the top to bottom, and automate business processes all at the same time. In understanding the challenges and problems their clients face, FactR has developed multiple advanced competencies:

  • Intelligent & Automated Workflows leveraging Smart Contracts, RPA, AI, and ML

  • Trusted Private Cloud Solutions

  • Digital IDs, Workflow Digitization

  • Software/Analytics Design & Development

  • Advanced Architecture Design

  • Secure & Private Data Solutions

AIP is thrilled to be working with FactR to help SMEs utilize Smart Contracts to simplify enterprise transaction management. Enterprises can now easily manage multi-currency transactions and facilitate business capital finance. This is coupled with trusted & near instant workflows for data processing, auditing, and reconciliation.

Start the Enterprise transformation journey by booking a demo with the FactR team by clicking here.

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