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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Odesso

AI Partnerships Corp welcomes Odesso to its AIP Network.

Odesso offers a wealth of digital automation solutions powered by machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation that have been applied to several, super happy, Fortune 10 clients. Odesso delivers Intelligent Operations to empower digital business in highly regulated industries. Customers rely on our ability to navigate complex regulatory challenges by leveraging best-in-class business process improvement methods coupled with data science-backed automation.

Below is a breakdown of Odesso's featured solutions:

  1. Odesso Platform - Secure, Enterprise, No Code: Quickly transforms organizations to seize market opportunities and take on regulatory & compliance challenges, without expensive and scarce coders. Odesso's No Code Platform delivers connected and seamless end-to-end critical resources to their client's frontline workforce.

    1. Workflow Automation

    2. Integrations

    3. Governance

    4. Data Insights

    5. Multi-Device Experiences

AIP is excited to work in tandem with Odesso to help deliver Odesso's mission to unleash the tangible importance of Enterprises' ability to create and deliver software, workflows, and process automation to bridge the operational challenges and gaps found traditionally in business, and IT's limitation with its toolset capabilities.

Drop Odesso's team a query today by clicking here.

- AIP Team

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