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AIP Affiliate Spotlight LocateMotion (

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

LocateMotion is the developer of, an easy-to-use health intelligence platform that helps older adults’ aging in place via virtual care support services which they provide to caregivers, clinicians, and patients alike. provides important insights about health informatics using a mobile or desktop app, offers 24/7 remote wellness monitoring. Their platform tracks the progression of early cognitive decline by capturing vitals, daily notes, medication effects, feelings, behavior and finally assessing and suggesting virtual interventions based on risk-levels. Users can share their profiles for seamless communication of important routines, alerts, and general well-being. Healthcare entities can request access to their patients' or employees' health information, including a digital COVID19 screening test provided as part of the LocateMotion ( Safe2Work solution.

LocateMotion ( has clients across Ontario, Canada, and the US and has been awarded several government grants for innovation and development.

They have been Featured In:

Nauman Jaffar, Founder & CEO of LocateMotion (

"We have spent years understanding the early dementia patients and their caregivers' needs. We have developed a future-proof "well-being" intelligent platform that is device agnostic and integrates with leading EMR / EHR systems. We create a highly accurate digital twin of a senior by using biometric, demographic, behavioral, and environmental data. All this will eventually help us predict episodes that can be avoided like falls, wandering, cognitive decline, hospital admissions, etc., thus reducing the socio-economic burden on the society, caregivers and patients."

See below for the Safe@Home and Safe2Work digital health solutions delivered on their platform.


Remote Monitoring and virtual care for patients with cognitive health, wellbeing, and memory loss concerns.

Built on the platform, Safe@Home offers a one-stop platform that offers multiple health solutions from cardiac monitoring services to diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) remote patient monitoring. Safe@Home packages are an innovative health and wellness solution that provides remote care to older adults confined to their homes with the chronic ailments or limited mobility. The use of wearables, sensors, and technology enables routine measurement and real-time transmission of the findings to caregivers. It raises alerts when required and the data is continuously collected and is available for analysis by the doctors.” Take a look at what SenSights.AI has to offer for caregivers to help seniors age in place with assisted homecare with our Safe@Home Solution.


Early infection detection and risk prevention platform.

Since Care organizations are faced with challenges to protect their health workers and clients from the spread of infection, they are looking for non-invasive real-time risk monitoring and early detection to help them ensure their staff and workplaces are healthy to provide care services. That's where Safe2work comes in. Real-time tracking of related symptoms powered by an AI-based algorithm to ensure timely intervention. This ultimately will assist organizations to contain spreads and safeguard their organization. Need help tracking COVID in your organization? Safe2work is a perfect solution. Click here.

And the journey begins. Want to learn more about our Affiliate, LocateMotion ( Go to to book a demo today!

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