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AIP Affiliate Spotlight MarkiTech

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes MarkiTech, to its AI Network.

For over 8 years, MarkiTech has enabled AI products and services in partnership with data scientists and engineers across North America, for the world of healthcare and remote patient monitoring.

AIP is incredibly excited to have MarkiTech as a partner in business. Markitech's expertise in AI and SaaS will help provide solutions for AIP, other Affiliates, and their clients. Since AIP is in the business of helping others adopt AI technologies, MarkiTech will play a pivotal role in making sure we provide a great service and leverage their strong consulting playbook to understand our Affiliate's needs and clients' wants. They have completed several game-changing products such as SenSights. AI, Veyetals, YourDoctors.Online, Signia, and many more.

MarkiTech is a digital transformation company based in the US and Canada with software engineers and data scientists primarily focused on developing artificial intelligence (AI) applications for the healthcare and telecommunications industries.

MarkiTech provides a smart delivery process in AI that will put a client on a smooth journey, from concept definition to project completion. They commit to their clients with 100% laser focus on making sure they understand client needs and how to produce a product that is aligned with the clients' business strategy. See below for their straightforward process of delivering solutions to their clients.

Define the concept

Based on the clients' vision and strategy, MarkiTech will define the optimal and bespoke solutions and platforms for launching laser focused applications to achieve the clients business targets. MarkiTech partners with the client to develop a digital transformation journey for your specific needs. Through a proactive consultative process, they will draft a road map, setting up milestones to make sure that the clients are leveraging their customer insights and delivering on their business KPI’s.

User Experience Design

MarkiTech’s skilled designers collaborate with the client to design, develop, test, and implement optimized IPs and accelerators by providing cutting edge products and solutions. They create all components that mesh seamlessly together to deliver a commercially successful product.


MarkiTech has adopted a holistic approach to software development life cycle, applying agile, and lean methodologies, maximizing business impact and growth through a design thinking approach. They possess all the necessary capabilities to produce a full-fledged, intuitive Mobile, SmartWatch, or Web solution, that are to be launched for iOS, Android, Embed JS, Ruby, Node, .Net, Rest API, Python, MSTR.


They provide a robust, adaptable, and effective multi-tier product-testing framework to ensure that the end product or solution delivers accurate results, minimizing operational costs.


MarkiTech enables the client to take the most critical steps in launching their products and solutions by closely monitoring, optimizing, and ensuring long-term success.

AIP and MarkiTech are currently working together on their first project, AIP Central. This will be a hub for all Affiliates to collaborate on projects, connect, gain access to marketing services provided by AIP, and much more. AIP has the pleasure of gaining a first-hand look at how Markitech handles its clients. They have taken AIP through their straightforward consulting process to help AIP develop a tool that will be crucial to the success of the network. AIP’s Marketing Director, Taylor Cuthrell, said, “Markitech's ability to understand our needs and define them through a smooth discovery phase is truly impressive, and cannot wait to see more from them.

AIP plans to launch its Affiliate hub sometime in Q4 of 2021.

And the journey begins. Want to learn more about AIPʻs Affiliate, MarkiTech? Go to to book a free consultation today!

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