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AIP Affiliate Spotlight PredictNow

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes, to its AI Network. started just over a year ago and has been providing a no-code machine learning SaaS, predominantly operating in the finance sector.

AIP is incredibly excited to have as a partner in business.’s expertise in finance and machine learning will help provide solutions for AIP, other Affiliates, and their clients. Since AIP is in the business of helping others adopt AI technologies, will play a pivotal role in making sure we have access to industry-leading expertise as well as providing a no-code solution to make machine learning more accessible to SMEs. is a no-code machine learning SaaS-based in Toronto, Canada that is primarily focused on helping traders apply machine learning to their investment strategies in order to predict the profitability of their next trade. can calculate the most important input variables groups (also known as “clusters”) that empower a user’s prediction and only incorporate those in the prediction decision.

Despite specializing in finance,’s no-code SaaS can be applied to a number of different industries including healthcare, delivery services, online advertising, along with a variety of other industries. can help SMEs develop a personal machine learning tool to help them make data-driven decisions for their business. PredictNow’s goal is to make machine learning manageable for SMEs! will meet with a client to discuss the goal(s) they are trying to accomplish with machine learning. The consulting team will then plan the project with the client to rough map out the timeline, deliverables, and details of the project. The will then work to develop a dataset that the user can use to initially begin making predictions. After the user is onboarded to our service, they will continuously work with the consulting team to improve the data included in their models, constantly increasing the predictive power of your model. Each Premium user is provided 5 hours of expert-level consulting per month.

Users have to train a machine learning model based on their historical results, where they receive predictive performance results for both the in-sample and out-of-sample datasets. This trained model is then downloaded into a pdf file, that is used in the Live section. In the Live section, users upload the model file along with the data features for that day into the software. The software then utilizes the previously trained model to provide a prediction for the daily dataset. We also provide access to a Rest API, allowing the user to directly implement the software into their internal processes.

Apply machine learning predictions to your data without any prior programming knowledge by registering here: now for a 1-month FREE trial + a 4-hour webinar with Dr. Chan on financial learning. After that, the monthly subscription is just $99 per month.

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