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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Primal

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes, to its AI Network.

Primal is an artificial intelligence company based out of Waterloo, Canada with the mission of powering the next generation of consumer and enterprise applications that augment human intelligence. Focusing primarily on the legal and financial space, Primal unlocks critical and hidden insights by transforming unstructured data using artificial intelligence. Primal is well known for building one of Canada’s most significant international AI patent portfolios with 150 patents to date.

Their augmented intelligence platform combines advanced semantic synthesis and knowledge representation to understand text in a similar manner to how the human brain processes and represents information. While semantic synthesis can be used to find relevant documents that were previously extremely difficult to find, Primal can also apply deep learning algorithms to newly structured data to rank relevancy, forecast activity, and discover trends. With Primalʻs solution, all of an enterprise’s data including previously unstructured data can be used to provide critical insights.

Additionally, Primal has launched Lexica KM, a knowledge management system that automates the legal research process. Lexica was designed for legal teams to work together on one single platform to maximize their efficiency and time. It will allow firms to leverage their internal knowledge to become their own best legal research source.

AIP is ecstatic to be working with Primal due to its patented approach to artificial intelligence. They empower enterprises by putting their data to work, discovering new patterns, and analyzing information from a new perspective.

Contact Primal today to discover how they can help out with any projects in mind:

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