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AIP Affiliate Spotlight SmartDesk

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

AI Partnerships Corporation welcomes SmartDesk, to its AI Network.

SmartDesk was designed for SMB companies and departments as a faster, more affordable, and easier alternative CRM tool compared to others available in the industry. Their services provide significant power to the hands of marketers in small and midmarket organizations across a range of industries, extending the reach to more customers and enabling increased global competitiveness.

The SmartDesk CX software platform’s fundamental value is in real-time omnichannel customer interactions, marketing, sales, and service resource management, revealing customer insights and automating repetitive tasks. It is a technology that orchestrates a company's communications with customer segments across multiple channels; a broad suite of marketing, sales, and service applications in a cloud-based multichannel solution. These channels include websites, mobile, social, direct mail, call centers, paid media, voice, text, and email. SmartDesk CX capabilities also extend to integrating marketing offers and leads with sales and flexible, smart workflows for execution in both B2B and B2C environments, including e-commerce. Soon to come AI features will extend the outstanding value to the customers’ journey to enhance AIP’s AI network.

Delivered under a SaaS model (cloud-based), the unique user interface makes it the easiest to use and fastest to implement and its pricing makes it the most affordable all-in-one marketing, sales, and service automation platform available.

Located in Whitby, Canada they are just miles away from Toronto, the fastest growing city and tech hub in North America. Their success derives from their customers by providing new ideas and feedback to improve their service. This plays a pivotal role for AIP to strategically work together with SmartDesk to dominate the SMB AI market in 2021.

Recently, SmartDesk has enhanced its service in numerous ways:

  • Updated Infrastructure: Most companies update their software, but SmartDesk did much more than that. They completely transitioned over to the IBM cloud, making their application more scalable.

  • Updated Cost Savings: SmartDesk is giving their customers the ability to do more for less. All-in-one CRM applications can scale in cost quite rapidly. Their pricing is set up to allow their customers to start with a full-featured system and scale the cost as they grow.

  • New Features: The list of new features is astronomical, but what they architected into SmartDesk this round is more tools for specialized teams. Marketers can market better, sales reps can sell better, and support people can gain insights into customers like never before.

  • Better Suited for the New Economy: Let’s face it, everyone is working from home more and interacting with co-workers less. SmartDesk is designed for the work-at-home team. All of the user activity is logged, the customer engagements are viewable, and the sales activities are transparent.

AIP and SmartDesk have aligned goals to continue to innovate, increase clientele, and give our customers the best resources and services they need to succeed. If you are in the market for a robust CRM tool combined with outstanding support and customer service, then SmartDesk is the right choice for you to amplify your business for a fraction of the cost of other CRM providers.

Maximize every customer interaction easily with SmartDesk’s powerful CRM.

Go to to get started today!

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