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AIP Affiliate Spotlight SmartScreen LLC

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes SmartScreen LLC, to its AI Network.

SmartScreen is a decision intelligence company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. They offer products and services for companies that are dissatisfied with current decision-making strategies and tactics that cost too much time and money. Unlike most data science companies that concentrate solely on the data, SmartScreen delivers both artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies within a decision intelligence framework that allows their customers to solve complex business, financial, and economic problems. By uncovering the true meaning that lies within the data, human decision-makers are empowered to make better more precise decisions while creating their desired outcomes.

SmartScreen has multiple products they offer: Personalization, Digital Dopple-ganging, & Decision Intelligence Planning & Consultation. The personalized decision engine makes applications smarter, allowing the consumers to make better decisions. The concept of “digital twin” is a novel AI model that constructs the digital flow of a nation, company, or institution in order to augment decision-making processes on the enterprise and government levels.

The digital twin consists of five central AI-powered elements: 1. Now Casting, 2. Root Cause Analysis, 3. Causal Modeling, 4. Prediction, 5. Anomaly Detection. Collectively these elements provide a real-time digital replica of the societal flow, which enables policy and decision-makers. Lastly, SmartScreen utilizes the most current digital intelligence models, methodologies, and management practices to deliver a framework for businesses and individuals to make the best decisions.

AIP is thrilled to work with SmartScreen to deliver smart decision intelligence to SMEs to help them make better decisions. These better decisions will lead to enterprises saving money and time as well as utilizing data to be more efficient. Itʻs not just about the data, itʻs all about the outcomes.

Drop the SmartScreen a line by clicking here to schedule a call with their team.

- AIP Team

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