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MarketMuse Empowers Content Creation for and Increases Organic Traffic by 1,570%

Updated: Mar 17, 2022



MarketMuse is an AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing platform that helps businesses and editorial teams accelerate the production of online marketing materials. The company was founded by bringing together the best minds in search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, data science, and software engineering. Together, these teams built an intuitive and cost-effective content generation platform built on the power of artificial intelligence.

MarketMuse offers multiple AI products, including First Draft, a content generation tool that produces high quality online content in a brand’s unique style and voice. Additional products are available to assist companies with content inventory and auditing, content brief creation, and real-time SEO optimization.

Thousands of customers around the world benefit from the ability to publish better content at an accelerated pace. The overarching mission of MarketMuse is to create content-driven customer journeys that lead to better opportunities within a brand’s target audience.


Prior to working with MarketMuse, the content team at used traditional keyword research and paid search data to identify and validate new content ideas. The goal of these strategies was to bring in qualified traffic to view Monday’s products and services and move through the customer funnel.

Although these efforts were relatively successful, the team wanted to improve Monday’s organic search engine rankings, leverage high intent keywords, and decrease the amount of money spent on paid search.

Because’s customer base is diverse, the marketing team also needed to create several different personas and construct content-driven customer journeys for multiple target markets. Artificial intelligence was a sensible way to tackle these problems quickly and efficiently by using reliable data.


To conquer these challenges, signed on with Codeless (a premium content agency) and MarketMuse to create highly optimized content at a faster pace.

While the content team at Codeless still produced the finished pieces, MarketMuse’s AI-powered applications provided a high level of confidence to a team of strong writers.

Each phase in the process—research, planning, production, and publishing—was carried out without additional oversight from editorial staff members. This “hands off” approach contributed to an accomplished goal of 100 published pieces per month.

“We managed to get 10 out of 100 posts on page 1. On average, each keyword we were tracking went up by 25 positions on Google. Overall, organic traffic from Google to our blog increased by 1,570% in 3 months.” Zoe Dayan, Content Marketing Manager,


Although’s results are significant, it’s important to know why and how these methods work. To build its products and services, MarketMuse leverages proprietary data that gives personalized recommendations specific to a domain.

In the case of, the optimization opportunities were highly specific to This is in contrast to creating content pieces that address how "anyone" could improve in a certain topic. Such well-formulated data gave the best chance of producing comprehensive content to scale.


Over the span of five months,’s content team produced 500 articles and achieved a 25 position average rank improvement. This is in addition to an increase in organic traffic of 1,570%. These results would not be possible without the confidence of AI-powered workflows and exceptional optimization.

“We have a checklist for each phase of the process. Our writers use MarketMuse to help them as they write, and also to check their work before they submit their drafts. All long-form content has to exceed the MarketMuse Target Content Score to be accepted.” – James Scherer, Director of Editorial, Codeless


When producing digital marketing content, it’s easy to spend many hours and thousands of dollars on the wrong goals and objectives. Fortunately, AI-powered content generation platforms can alleviate the mounting pressure to produce optimized content that can be published at a rapidly accelerating pace.

By placing the customer journey first, content writing teams can more skillfully define and address target personas. This process ensures that the best material gets in front of the right people every single time, which directly impacts sales and revenue.

Businesses of the future should consider investing in AI software in order to create a hybrid approach that leads to more effective content creation.


Are you interested in utilizing AI tools for better and faster content production? Get started by contacting us directly to get connected with MarketMuse (and many more AI companies) and discuss your specific content and SEO needs.

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