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SalesChoice’s Customized AI Insight Engine™ helped Purolator Increase its Win Rates

Updated: Mar 17, 2022


Purolator’s freight and courier solutions are helping shape the future of deliveries by leading innovation in international logistics. On average, the company handles over 100 million pieces each year, bringing in $1 billion worth of revenue.

While other logistics providers struggled during the pandemic, Purolator was able to meet consumer demand and experienced growth thanks to its dedicated teams and successful adoption of AI analytics.


According to its recent AI Guided Selling report which surveyed global Chief Sales Officers (CSOs), Gartner found that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant negative effect on many of their clients, particularly those that relied on face-to-face interactions as a key part of doing business.

With these newly transformed market dynamics, Gartner made it clear that CSOs needed to respond accordingly by rethinking both their internal operational processes and customer-facing engagement areas.

The pandemic exposed cracks in many organization’s sales processes. Knowing that sales process discipline must be improved to increase the chances of closing new deals, sales leaders are investigating new data-driven, AI-based guided selling functions for improving sales execution.Tad Travis, research vice president at Gartner

The report also highlighted the critical importance of leveraging AI-guided selling tools to focus on the best win opportunities, reduce predictive churn, and enable guided selling in real time.

As Purolator continued to expand during the pandemic, the company wanted to be able to look further ahead on its sales forecasts, better predict win rates, and increase conversion with the help of stronger sales coaching tools. In 2018, the company chose SalesChoice’s (SC’s) Insight Engine™ to help guide its North American Salesforce because of its user-friendliness, comprehensive prioritization insights, and guided coaching capabilities.


Instead of approaching sales from a one-size-fits-all mindset, SalesChoice builds out a unique AI model for every client it serves through its Salesforce ISV partnership. By creating unique models, SalesChoice ensures the integrity of each client’s predictions.

SalesChoice did the same for Purolator — and by customizing their AI Insight Engine™, their sales teams now have personalized access to guiding insights for both new and existing sales opportunities across six divisions.

These dynamic AI models reveal just how different the win factors could be for each division, giving Purolator’s teams the guidance they need to have a leg up on focusing and winning more in their respective regions.

A back-end look to SalesChoice's AI Insight Engine

Jeff Green, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Customer Experience at Purolator, spoke to the importance of using these cutting-edge technologies to maintain Purolator’s position as an industry leader.

“SalesChoice is… modernizing our business practices with the support of their AI engineering and solution talents. It’s a new world and at Purolator, we are embracing AI as we know that it’s a business imperative. AI is a long term journey and it can be uncannily accurate once you build the right foundations on data lineage, an area that SalesChoice is vigilant about ensuring clients have robust data for achieving statistical accuracy and valid insights.”

Currently, Green is leading the charge in implementing AI to continuously improve business practices across the Purolator Customer Value Chain.

At Purolator, SalesChoice’s Insight Engine™ is integrated with Salesforce Einstein, leveraging its Business Intelligence Layer. This is where all of Purolator’s sales reporting lies, while their predictive forecasting and rich guided selling insights are driven by SalesChoice, thus creating a process that combines the best of both worlds.


“Our brand is anchored in Ending Revenue Uncertainty, using AI,” says Dr. Cindy

Gordon, CEO and Founder, SalesChoice Inc.

“There are a lot of black box AI approaches in the CRM market, and we wanted to ensure that our clients could trust our predictions so much that we built a real-time audit trail, proving whether what we said would happen – did happen or not; so, our value is 100% clear. We are the easiest, the most comprehensive, and the smartest platform for AI Sales Enablement on top of Salesforce data sets. And it all starts with ensuring our customers have complete data, otherwise AI cannot deliver the promise of ending the uncertainty of inaccurate revenue forecasts or advising sales professionals on their next best actions.”


To end sales inefficiencies and revenue uncertainty, reach out to us directly to learn how using SalesChoice’s Insight Engine™ can help guide your Salesforce account to success.

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