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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Many artificial intelligence companies are pioneers of innovation and technological advancement. In this roundup, discover ten top AI companies to watch.

Due to emerging trends in technology, AI companies have been on the rise in the modern business marketplace. These trends, combined with a growing need for automated processes and machine learning, have allowed existing businesses to branch out while paving the way for new startups to flourish.

If patterns in capital investment and financing remain the same, the booming growth of artificial intelligence companies is here to stay. Many investors, tech gurus, and subject matter experts wonder: which AI companies offer the gold standard in development, innovation, and cultural change?

In this guide, we’ve rounded up a list of ten AI companies to keep an eye on this year and in the years to come. But first, let’s cover the basics of AI companies.

What does an artificial intelligence company do?

In the world of science fiction, artificial intelligence companies are known for dabbling in futuristic technology and for creating robotic beings that rival humans. In reality, AI companies are now the driving force behind many industries that touch daily life.

From healthcare, education, government, and beyond, AI companies are using and leveraging data to improve the lives of humans. As you consider the purpose of an AI company, consider the following characteristics:

  • Most reputable AI companies have a designed data structure for acquiring, storing, and implementing data.

  • Many AI corporations rely on automation to develop new processes.

  • Most have a foundation in mathematics, statistical analysis, and machine learning.

Although some AI companies are in the business of producing physical products, many are focused on using artificial intelligence and predictive data to solve common pain points and business-related challenges.

AI companies versus technology companies

It’s incorrect to assume that the average tech company is also an AI company. Not every technology platform incorporates or invests in artificial technology. While giving a speech at the 2017 Artificial Intelligence Conference, Andrew Ng, CEO of Coursera, made the following comment related to AI companies: “One of the lessons I’ve learned is that a traditional internet or tech company plus some machine learning, plus a neural network–this does not equal an AI company.”

As Ng pointed out, AI companies differ from normal tech companies in how they collect, use, and interpret data. Team members at AI companies must be willing to take on new approaches to modern issues and create roles, responsibilities, and strategies that go beyond the typical product development cycle.

Qualities of strong AI companies

A simple internet search can reveal hundreds of options for new, emerging, and established AI companies. While there is no right or wrong way to run an AI-focused organization, there are a few defining qualities that set some apart from the rest.

In surveying AI companies or consultants, be mindful of the following characteristics.

  • They can extract meaning from the data. The top companies have a high-level strategy that guides every decision, implementation, and project.

  • They have protective security measures in place. Since artificial intelligence relies heavily on cloud-based technology, security must come first. The best AI companies are industry leaders in matters of security, privacy, and data governance.

  • They invest in continuous innovation. Artificial intelligence is never static. Companies and startups must be willing to take a chance on new technology and invest in the possibilities.

  • They are staffed by individuals with deep curiosity and creativity. At healthy AI companies, each individual has a purpose and a mission. Regardless of whether a staff member specializes in machine learning, data analysis, security, or another speciality, they should be motivated to solve challenges to create a better world.

The top 10 artificial intelligence companies today

AI companies are numerous in nearly every field and speciality. Ranging from small locally based businesses to massive global organizations, AI has settled into nearly every niche and business community.

This list represents AI companies with unique goals, purposes, and audiences. Due to our focus on innovation over recognition, there is a broad range in company size, reach, and investment potential.

1. Nvidia Corporation

Nvidia Corporation is one of the most recognizable names in the artificial intelligence industry. The company is most well-known for its invention of the GPU in 1999, which completely changed programming options for computerized graphics and gaming.

Now, Nvidia focuses on serving the gaming market with enhanced 3D graphics, virtual reality, high performance gaming and computing, and artificial intelligence. Nvidia pushes the envelope on what is possible and attainable for gaming and computer graphics.

Decades later, GPU serves as a powerful computerized brain that helps visual effects artists deliver unprecedented results.

2. MarkiTech

MarkiTech helps companies confront common challenges with digital solutions specifically suited to the modern era. The Canadian-based company specializes in services related to machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G networks, natural language processing, and multi-access edge computing.

Although MarkiTech specializes in healthcare and telecommunications projects, the company prides itself on designing customizable artificial intelligence solutions for nearly any business need. This includes retail, eCommerce, SaaS, and others.

In terms of client relationships, MarkiTech is committed to providing staff training and augmentation programs that encourage wide scale adoption and growth.

3. Primal.AI

Primal.AI is a company that focuses on helping enterprise organizations understand and unlock the true power of artificial intelligence. The company accomplishes this by helping clients transform unstructured data into structured data. Structured data is more usable by machines, since it exists in databases, tables, and other frameworks that are digitally readable.

Primal.AI can help clients in a variety of industries, but speciality areas include legal and financial services. With a massive amount of data to ingest on a regular basis, these industries need structured data systems.

4. Alphabet

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is by far the largest corporation on the list. This company is valued at over $1 trillion dollars and is known around the world for its cutting edge technology and widespread use.

Alphabet is the holding company that invests in artificial intelligence projects related to voice search, digital advertisements, search engine results, self-driving vehicles, and more.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Alphabet is that it regularly invests in rising new talent, cutting edge resources, and quantum computer technology. Each investment is specifically chosen to expand the potential of AI in the modern world.

5. Prodago

Prodago is a Canadian-based AI company that specializes in data governance and compliance. Prodago’s approach is centered on processes, rather than on the raw data itself, which helps executives and organizations guarantee streamlined processes and more ethical data usage.

Prodago’s services include data governance strategy, quality assessment, privacy and ethics reviews, risk assessment, and more. The company is committed to syncing national standards with better AI implementation in order to help businesses become more trustworthy, reputable, and scalable.

6. Experiom

Experiom is a digital marketing integrator that prioritizes the use of artificial intelligence in marketing strategy and development. The company’s goal is to help clients see the simplicity and effectiveness of marketing automation software and solutions.

Clients also come to Experiom for AI consulting and digital marketing services. AI tools can be used to design websites, update CRM processes, revamp Content Management Systems, and develop mobile applications for quick release.

7. Twilio

Twilio is one of the most prolific emerging AI companies in the world, and the company’s worth is now estimated at over $50 billion. Twilio’s goal is to improve and enhance business communications through phones, VoIP, and automated messaging services.

Twilio accomplishes its communications goals by helping clients interpret and leverage the customer experience. To do this, Twilio uses voice, chat, video, and email features available through APIs that are simple, powerful, and extremely adaptable. This makes it a simple option for developers of any skill level who want to see advanced results.

The company’s worldwide presence has blossomed at a surprising rate, and team members operate out of 26 offices in 17 countries. This global infrastructure provides Twilio with the tools it needs to accomplish massive growth.

8. SalesChoice

SalesChoice integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to help clients maximize their knowledge and understanding of CRM data. SalesChoice starts with an AI Readiness Scale to help users gauge their unique level of artificial intelligence awareness. From there, customers can develop a richer understanding of business processes, lead acquisition, customer forecasting, and auditing.

SalesChoice also eliminates the hassle of moving to an AI-based platform and adapting to data gleaned from AI processes. This method helps eliminate uncertainty so that B2B organizations can end sales inefficiency once and for all.

9. SenSights.AI

SenSights.AI is a health informatics company that specializes in remote options for managing patient health. The smart, AI-based platform is transformational for medical caregivers, healthcare facility managers, healthcare providers, and community leaders.

Prognostic algorithms are used to measure safety and health risks for communities, workplaces, and treatment or care centers. This data helps local leaders make better, more informed decisions in light of patient health. The AI-enabled remote monitoring system makes SenSights.AI a flexible, adaptable, and modern solution for health tracking.

As a growing company, SenSights.AI is uniquely suited to tackle modern health challenges with secure, compliant, and AI-enabled data options.

10. Nuvollo

Nuvollo is a global IT company that provides secure cloud options and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to global businesses. Nuvollo also helps clients fine-tune business critical applications and software options to help other company’s address their needs based on size, core functions, and budget.

Nuvollo’s customer experience model is built on the tenets of predictable performance, industry-leading security standards, and the appropriate firewall architecture.

Nuvollo’s market solutions branch focuses on delivering solutions to users in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, and financial services.

Investing in AI companies

Capital investments in AI companies have grown at an impressive rate. By 2017, AI startups in multiple industries had received over $1.7 billion in funding. As more industries focus on artificial intelligence solutions, more companies are rising to meet the demand.

For the average investor (as opposed to a venture capitalist or investment banker), making wise investment decisions should involve research and industry awareness. For example, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to understand why healthcare and crisis response AI solutions are extremely prevalent and worth watching.

Investment decisions should also be made with the mission of each unique AI company in mind. Before making an investment choice, ensure that the company’s purpose, values, and end goals align.

Key takeaways

There’s no better time to keep tabs on the ever-growing assembly of AI companies throughout the world. These corporations are leading the charge for innovation and creative problem solving in a digital age. To push the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can truly do, AI companies must be willing to innovate, pivot, and invest. This adaptability is precisely what makes the AI journey an exciting one to watch.

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