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AIP Affiliate Spotlight AI-innovate

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes AI-innovate to its AI Network.

AI-innovate is an artificial intelligence company based in Halton Region, Ontario. Ai-Innovate specializes in deep-learning enabled custom machine vision solutions. They are a team of engineers, statisticians, and product managers united by one common vision: to deliver meaningful, data-driven solutions to clients. Their core competency is computer vision applications that improve safety, product quality and efficiency in high throughput, advanced manufacturing, and industrial settings. AI-innovate is working to improve safety and productivity at a variety of industrial workplaces including; mining operations, grain farms, metal companies, construction sites, livestock handling and meat processors; and advanced manufacturing facilities.

Ai-innovate provides strategy and implementation of computer vision technologies from data capture to derived insights and predictive capabilities. Their process starts with helping you identify what data should be captured, how to capture it, and provisioning of an engine that can help clean, process and feature engineer the data. They can also design algorithms, optimize them, and implement transfer learning. To make the process easier and more conducive to change management, the team can provide custom dashboards and staff training to get your computer vision system up and running. By combining the best of modern computing and technology, customers increase productivity rates and reduce costs through automation, while enabling a safer working environment.

Below is a breakdown of AI-innovate’s featured solutions:

1. Visual Inspection Tools: AI-innovate has a customizable suite of deep-learning enabled visual inspection tools. These can be embedded into an existing advanced manufacturing line or incorporated into the design of new production lines. They can also help with the design of 3D metal parts or alloys, and composites where complex geometries make physics-enabled software a must. Ai-Innovate can even help design and commercialize your company’s next visual inspection tool.

2. Defect Detection: Their software can make use of off-the shelf video capture hardware and can be used to detect defects in high throughput advanced manufacturing lines. Defect detection can be applied in; producing specialty metals and composites, semiconductor chip inspection, and when making materials used in outfitting oil and gas pipelines. Ai-innovate’s defect detection tools are well suited to settings where; high volumes of complex, specialty goods are being manufactured. Reliable, accurate defect detection is especially important when products are being sold into highly regulated industries or where liability is a risk factor.

3. Safety; Energy Efficiency and Productivity Monitoring: Industrial workplaces are energy intensive, dangerous, and don’t always operate at optimal capacity. With their video monitoring, and R and D tools, you can keep workers safe from confined spaces, noxious gasses, and heat stress, just to name a few hazardous types of working conditions. In addition to workplace hazards that lead to injury and death, they can help mitigate against repetitive, work strain related injuries. AI-innovate can design studies, review old video footage or implement real time safety monitoring solutions that factor in data privacy.

AIP is excited to work in tandem with AI-innovate to apply artificial intelligence, data analysis, and machine vision techniques in order to improve safety, energy efficiency and product quality. Enterprises will receive top notch AI-enabled solutions that are implemented with ease. Not only does AI-innovate specialize in manufacturing, but they also cover healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Drop the AI-innovate team a query today by clicking here.

- AIP Team

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