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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Ascend Advisers

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Ascend Advisers, to its AI Network.

Ascend Advisers is a digital sales enablement company that applies the latest AI technology to accelerate new client acquisition. As a Premier Highspot Marketplace Partner, Ascend was founded by former sales leaders and experts in marketing technology based out of Parsippany, NJ. Ascend helps sales and digital marketing organizations sell digitally by using social media to connect with ideal prospects in the SaaS, Cyber Security, Staffing, Wealth Management, and Professional Services industries.

Clients choose Ascend for their tech stack of digital sales and marketing tools, mobile coaching apps, and award-winning sales training and sales enablement library. Their sales enablement tech stack includes: Ascend AI™, the first of its kind platform to harness the power of AI and social media to automate lead generation and maximize digital relationship building. Ascend AI™ is for salespeople, global account managers, and enterprise sales teams that need to cultivate credible new relationships remotely. Their powerful platform can leverage artificial intelligence and social media for lead generation as it infuses AI into the combination of the world's #1 contact platform (LinkedIn) with the list building and segmentation engine of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Leads literally stream into clients’ CRM 24 hours a day.

Their Platform fills a void in today's remote digital work world to literally build exponential business relationships online. Their platform injects productivity into the sales process by focusing on rapid digital engagement that leads to real conversations. Ascend also has a robust CRM application, Ascend CRM™ that acts as an “Agency in a Box”. The platform provides Contact Management, Pipeline Tracking, Email Marketing, Automated Digital Response, and overall Marketing Management. Ascend’s platform allows users to create full featured websites with custom menus, captivating landing pages, and lead capture through surveys and forms.

Lastly, Ascend has a sales engagement mobile app called 1Huddle. Whether it’s reinforcing content, introducing new processes, or testing retention, the app levels up employees using science-backed quick-burst games to improve training knowledge retention. Clients can receive access to a library of games on Sales, Digital Marketing, Leadership and more.

AIP is ecstatic to be working with Ascend Advisers to allow SMEs to sell digitally by leveraging social media to connect with ideal prospects in various industries. With advancements in technology, it is crucial for enterprises to adopt AI based sales and marketing tools in order to stay competitive amongst the rapidly growing competition. The majority of business today is conducted digitally, meaning the sales process must follow suit.

Learn how Ascend Advisers can help businesses sell more by contacting their team here.

- AIP Team

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