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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Gradient Ascent AI

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Gradient Ascent AI to its AI Network.

Gradient Ascent AI is a rapidly growing provider of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions and services based out of Toronto, Canada. They form win-win partnerships with their clients to help them grow, win, and succeed in our evolving AI-powered world. From ideation and strategy to development and coaching, Gradient Ascent has collaborated on over 50 different projects to help companies launch AI products and solutions.

Whether their customer is a small business, a large enterprise, or just getting started with AI, Gradient Ascent strives to create long-lasting value through increased revenues, improved competitiveness, greater automation, and reduced costs. Gradient Ascent is keen to help AIP affiliates by supporting affiliates’ customer deployments, product development, and new customer acquisition.

AI benefits all businesses across the board, but the hard part for a lot of them is getting started. Gradient Ascent understands this struggle and therefore has combined forces with AI Partnerships Corp. to help reach thousands of businesses looking to adopt AI or improve on existing products & technology.

As true pioneers in the AI-powered world, Gradient Ascent helps companies with the following:

1. Get Ready for AI - From training for leadership to data audit and planning, as well as vision, strategy, and roadmap development, Gradient Ascent can help businesses get ready for our AI-powered future.

2. Get Started with AI - With the goal of leveraging the right pre-existing solutions or developing the right in-house intellectual property, Gradient Ascent can help with data analysis and insights, prototype development, and launch of first new AI-powered products and solutions. Whether developing and launching new innovative products for your customers, or automating processes within your business, Gradient Ascent can help develop strong in-house competencies.

3. Get Better at AI - For businesses that already have AI capabilities, Gradient Ascent can provide coaching for continuous improvement, resource augmentation, R&D capabilities, as well as development acceleration.

AI Partnerships Corp. is thrilled to be working with Gradient Ascent AI to change the way businesses apply math and data to ensure they can grow, thrive, and win in our AI-powered world. Gradient Ascent AIʻs mission is to also help non-AI businesses get started by developing end-to-end AI-powered products and solutions that are affordable. Applied artificial intelligence doesnʻt have to be as complicated as the world makes it seem as long as the right team is helping along the way.

Ready to get in touch with the Gradient Ascent AI team? Click here to get started.

- AIP Team

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