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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Hopara

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Hopara Inc. to its AI Network.

Hopara is a breakthrough innovation in big data visualization forged at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and is already proven in the market. The platform can be used to create custom visualizations for your data, hosted in the cloud or integrated into a reporting dashboard. Alternatively, Hopara’s pre-configured stand-alone Apps can be connected to any data source and deployed within days (or even just hours). Additionally, their proprietary AI/ML augmented Data Drone Navigation turns anyone into a keen data analyst, with no special skills or training required.

Hopara Apps change the way that users play with data by making the visuals more like a gripping movie or absorbing video game, enticing users to come back again and again. This is because of the many features of Hopara Apps that increase the interactivity from a user perspective where one can pan, zoom, jump into new canvases, drill down to reveal detail on demand, fly back up for a bird’s eye view, and share any findings within seconds.

Stakeholders go to Hopara because they are often sending ad hoc requests that cannot be solved with a current Business Intelligence dashboard but aren’t big enough of a request to warrant a new one or a full-blown BI project. With Hopara, you can now empower stakeholders to solve their own data requests, while keeping the focus on strategic data initiatives.

Key features of Hopara Apps include:

1. Drone-like Navigation: Hopara’s proprietary Data Drone Navigation allows viewers to pan/zoom/jump through large data sets just like flying a drone. This makes data exploration fast and easy for anyone in the organization.

2. Deploy Multiple Apps: The platform allows users to build multiple data browsers for marketing, operations, IoT sensors, etc. Whatever a company wants to share is made easy with Hopara Apps, starting at just $40/mo. Including 2 unique deployments.

3. Unlimited Viewers: Hopara Apps are published on AWS and accessed via any secure web browser so there is no download or extra fee required, allowing an unlimited number of viewers to engage with your data (depending on your governance policies).

4. Built-in Security: Data is kept secure through multiple levels of security, including Network isolation (data reside in a private subnet with no internet access), Server and VPN login with RSA keys, Operations tools login with MFA, and Partnership login with Auth0.

5. Scale and Stability: Industry libraries and frameworks are integrated into Hopara’s Platform to facilitate rapid development and ensure stable deployments.

AIP is elated to be working with Hopara Inc. to empower enterprise stakeholders in data analytics and visuals through Hopara Apps. This powerful platform will not only save time and money for those who adopt this platform but will provide a positive experience when looking for answers in data sets through custom visualizations.

Hop into a free 30-day trial today by signing up here.

- AIP Team

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