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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Larus Technologies Corporation

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Larus Technologies to its AI Network.

Larus Technologies Corporation is a leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML) and predictive analytics and was recognized, in 2017, by the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency as a Top 10 Innovator and by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Outstanding Organization Award in 2015 for “advancing the field of computational intelligence as applied to defense and security applications”. Larus is comprised of three core business areas, Data Fusion and Predictive Analytics Solutions, including the patented Total::Insight™ Decision Support System and the Total::Perception™ Systems Simulation Engine and the Total::Vision™ Video Analytics System, Software Engineering Consulting, primarily in the area of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) for public security and defense, and Research and Engineering, focusing on innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) as applied to the maritime, retail and global supply chains as well as advanced decision support systems requiring multi-sensor data aggregation, exploitation, and fusion.

In today’s fast-paced, dynamic, and data-intensive C4ISR and Security markets, defense contractors are constantly faced with the challenge of shortening product development cycles and lowering overall costs while still delivering leading-edge solutions which meet the critical requirements of air, land, and sea customers. By leveraging their deep expertise, the Larus Technologies team can work directly with system architects and engineers at any stage of the product development cycle in order to help meet functional and technical system objectives. Whether a company requires experts to provide additional functionality within their product, new interfaces, additional analytic capabilities, or integration with existing algorithms and decision support systems, Larus’ experts are available to get C4ISR and Security systems to market on time and on budget.

Larus’ Total::Insight™ is a predictive analytics decision support System (DSS) that can be licensed by Defense Contractors and System Integrators in order to help them integrate higher JDL level capabilities into their systems to take those next steps and be able to transform data into information and information into knowledge for decision-makers.

Larus’ Total::Perception™ Systems Simulation Engine shortens the Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination (TCPED) cycle by providing automatic cueing and tasking of sensors and assets for a more efficient and timely generation of actionable intelligence.

Larus’ Total::Vision™ Video Analytics Solution incorporates bio-inspired AI/ML, and advanced attentive learning mechanisms providing real-time machine vision, tracking, detection and classification mechanisms, integrated within an advanced GIS platform. The product is capable of detecting and extracting a wide range of object types, biometric and object features, and patterns enabling the detection of events and situations anomalous to normal patterns of behavior.

Larus also entered the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector in 2018 given its deep AI/ML expertise and proven technologies. Larus has developed an end-to-end, AI-enabled advanced analytics platform to optimize trade investment decision making processes through the use of multiple data sources and collective business intelligence. This platform provides business users with insights and recommendations, generated by its predictive and prescriptive engine to answer multiple questions and support trade investment and joint business planning strategies.

By providing operators with complete situational knowledge and understanding, Larus enables better decisions and more precise actions. AIP is delighted to be working with Larus Technologies to better equip enterprises with top-notch security, defense and supply chain software and technologies.

To learn more, check out the Larus Total::Insight™ decision support system (DSS) or contact Larus Technologies here for more detailed technical information regarding their products or services.

- AIP Team

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