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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Meya

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Meya to its AI Network.

Meya is a customer experience (CX) automation platform based out of Kitchener, Ontario that helps organizations better serve their customers via conversational interfaces on websites, mobile apps, and more. Meya’s cloud-based platform reduces operational costs and expands capabilities while creating high quality, personalized customer experiences.

The cloud-based conversation platform allows clients to build in-app support without sacrificing control over their data or user experience. On top of that, Meyaʻs platform is rich with features and is flexible to adapt to their clientsʻ wants and needs. The three main features of their platform are a serverless backend called the Grid, a mobile and web chat SDK called the Orb, and a web or command line development environment called the Console.

Below are the three main features explained further:

1. The Brains of the Operation: The Grid is a fully managed cloud-hosted backend. It can be programmed to control all aspects of Meyaʻs clients' conversational apps. Users can write code in familiar languages such as Python, Typescript, and YAML to integrate into existing developer toolchains.

2. So Much More Than Just a Chatbot: Fully white-labeled, the Orb is a customizable chat SDK that mirrors the look and feel of Meyaʻs clientsʻ businesses in order to create a seamless experience. Users can write custom conversational flows that are a natural extension of humans behind customer support teams.

3. From Design Time to Run Time: The Console is Meyaʻs modern web-based control panel where teams execute from design time to run time. In the console, users can strategize, create, and execute on conversational assistants all in one place.

Integrations also play an important role in allowing users to connect to anything and everything on the platform. In just a few clicks, clients can connect their conversational apps to the tools and systems that their businesses and customers already use. A few examples include messaging apps, CRMs, and social channels.

AIP is excited to be working with Meya to help organizations better serve their customers with conversational interfaces on websites, mobile apps, and much more. The cloud-based customer experience automation platform is a game changer for businesses to elevate the way they interact with their customers. This conversational app is

developed to be utilized across any industry, making it convenient for any business to use it.

Scale the customer experience with Meya by booking a demo here.

- AIP Team

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