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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Supercharge Lab

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Supercharge Lab, to its AI Network.

Supercharge Lab is a Cognitive AI technology company based out of Dover, Delaware that uses psychological profiling, powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, to create valuable outcomes for their clients. They pride themselves in allowing businesses to save time, money, and the amount of overall effort needed for success. Supercharge Lab targets corporate functions that are inefficient and create a humanistic approach to automation to ensure their clients do, be, and act better through human connectivity.

Supercharge Lab uses two types of corporate functions through their engine optimization tool: sales/customer acquisition and marketing strategy. They created a way to redefine sales through understanding purchasing behaviors and utilizing the psychology behind it. This helps their clients increase the number of warm conversations with key decision makers, while ensuring business development teams close deals. By identifying the most promising target customers and understanding their behaviors better, their clients are winning more than ever before.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and lots of data Supercharge Lab analyzes human approaches to decision-making to apply it to their clients messaging to improve their conversion rates. Sigmund is Supercharge Lab’s Artificial Intelligence engine that uses data to fully understand the human approach to decision making. Humans leave traces of themselves all over the internet. Sigmund uses these breadcrumbs to form a thesis of each person’s psychological profile and creates messages based on these psychological profiles. They then serve these messages to your customers, improving your results.

Using Sigmund Sales in conjunction with applications such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and emails, Supercharge Lab is able to then target, message, and convert leads into clients to achieve results. Sigmund Sales is priced from $500, and campaigns typically run for 8 weeks. Sigmund Sales have been used for the following:

  • Drive Sales

  • Raise Investor Funds

  • Drive Product Market Fit

Supercharge Lab uses Sigmund Marketing to develop market assets, and to position their clients’ brand in alignment with their target audience. Sigmund Marketing is priced from $1000 to start a campaign. Sigmund Marketing has been used for the following:

  • Content Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Optimization of Web & Online Presence

AIP is thrilled to be working with Supercharge Lab to change the way SMEs market and sell their products, solutions, or services. By identifying the most promising target customers and understanding their behaviors better, Supercharge Lab’s clients are winning more than ever before. Do better and get more done with their next level customer behavior knowledge.

Ready to supercharge sales? Contact the Supercharge Lab team by clicking here.

- AIP Team

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